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Academic Personnel

Academic Personnel

Guidelines ...

for preserving work and home life

  1. Be honest about your professional and personal needs.
  2. Review the leave section of your department’s compensation plan.
  3. Talk with your department chair.
  4. Participate in ongoing faculty evaluations of the work environment at UC Davis – an important way to continually evolve the institution’s advancement and leave policies.
  5. Visit the website of the UC Davis School of Medicine Office of Academic Personnel:

Common myths about work-life balance policies

1) Faculty have to “repay” time spent on leave.

  • Leave is time away from work for specific, personal reasons rather than time that needs to be made up at work.

2) Work-life policies are just for women

  •  All work-life policies and leaves are equally important for men as well.

3) Work-life policies are just about childbirth or child care

  • Leaves can also apply to time away from work to care for elderly loved ones, spouses and life partners.